We quote, we draw, we laugh

As the tagline and title of this post declare, telephone pictionary fun! (TPF!) is all about playing telephone pictionary (we quote, we draw) and having a good time (we laugh.)

If you haven’t figured it out already from my breakdown above, telephone pictionary is a game of quoting and drawing. But it’s not at all like those other quoting and drawing party games. That’s because this game is the best. And this blog is dedicated to posting the best of the best of telephone pictionary’s outlandish hilarity. Expect funny quotes and great (as in terrible) drawings. Oh, and this isn’t for the eyes of children, expect obscene, profane, violent, so-abstract-it-will-make-your-head-explode images. Don’t like it? I don’t care! On special occasions, I might throw down the entire series of a quote. But don’t expect that too often, personally I find things taken out of context to add to the funniness.

If you know how to play you can stop reading this now. Come back soon for a quick laugh and perhaps a warm moment of nostalgia (warm, because you’ll pee yourself from laughter!).

If you don’t know how to play, let me explain how we do it east coast, baltimore style:

  • Get at least seven friends–but the more the better, seriously. I once played with 20 people and it was very, very fun.
  • Everyone will need a pen or pencil.
  • Give each person a piece of paper for each person playing. So if your game has 10 people, each person needs 10 sheets of paper–and not full sheets, that wouldn’t be very earth-loving of you–try index card size. Number each sheet based on however many people are playing, in this example 1-10.
  • Make sure everyone has a drink, has their phones, snacks, etc, so they don’t go wandering off.
  • On the first piece of paper, you write a quote (everyone does this) from a movie, a song, a book, whatever. Something short and sweet and that can be drawn. Apparently, “I’ll take jive like you’ve never heard” (from the Royal Tenenbaums is not easily drawn). “Take a worm for a walk week” (from the Karate Kid) is easy to depict. You will silently be judged by your peers on the coolness level of your quote.
  • Then everybody passes their entire pile of papers in one direction (either to the left or to the right) to the person beside them. Read the quote in front of you. Slip it to the back of the pile. And then draw, on paper 2, the quote. Drawings should not use any words, although, your friends really suck if they jump in your shit for writing “milk” on a bottle. Basically, don’t write any words that give the quote away too easily. It’s more fun when people don’t get it. If you’re not an artist, well no one is, even those kids who say they are, they aren’t. Stick figures are fiine. This shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two.
  • Then pass your pile of papers in the same direction that you passed last time, with the drawing on top. You should receive your neighbor’s drawing. Look it over, interpret it, laugh, say what the fuck is this, and then slip paper 2 to the back and write an appropriate quote for that drawing on paper 3. When I can’t guess the quote, I tend to just write what I see: A man walks his snake on Thursdays (for the “take a worm” quote). Again, each round should only take about a minute or two.
  • Keep passing until you get to the final piece. This drawing/writing/passing part isn’t really the fun part, but you have to continue to the end!
  • When you have the last blank paper (sheet #10 in this example), after you finish drawing/writing on it, turn the pile upside down, so the white side of the paper is facing you.  Your drawing/writing should be at the bottom of the stack, slip it to the top of the stack, still face down. Now the original quote should be at the bottom of the stack. Do not look at the original quote! Pass it once more and, if you’ve done everything correctly, the quote should be back to it’s original owner at the end of the game.
  • Now, everyone goes around in a circle and shares their series. Hilarity ensues at your friends’ crazy and inappropriate interpretations.

I have blessed you with knowledge that is Telephone Pictionary. Please reciprocate that kindness, by sending me some images from your games, but please only the gross, perverted and obscene ones.

And finally, I promise (hope) this will be the first and last long post.


1 Response to “We quote, we draw, we laugh”

  1. 1 Jon September 13, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Good stuff! Here it is for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!


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